Sanctuary Runners to lead St Patrick’s Day Parade in Cork City!

The Sanctuary Runners have been chosen as the Grand Marshals for this year’s Cork City St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 17th.

It’s a massive honour for the initiative which began in Cork City and which continues to grow and prosper on Leeside – bringing all in our community together including asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants.

Speaking on the announcement Graham Clifford, Sanctuary Runners’ founder and CEO, said:

Cork is a huge part of us, and we of Cork so to get this recognition is just amazing. Now more than ever our work to bring all in the community together in solidarity, friendship and respect is so important and the people of Cork, those who have lived here all their lives and those who have moved here from elsewhere, have always supported us.”

And he promised the Sanctuary Runner parade team of 100 will bring a smile to the faces of people when they parade through the City.

“We believe in positive energy and we’ll be bringing that to the streets of Cork on St Patrick’s Day. Our members come from all across the world but we are one team, one family where decency, equality and kindness are constants – please cheer us on as we pass on St Patrick’s Day and come join us for a run, jog or walk – we would be so delighted to have you as part of Sanctuary Runners Cork.”

Sanctuary Runners is a not-for-profit organisation with groups in 35 locations across Ireland and over 10,000 members.

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