Join us as we take on an extraordinary challenge – to cover 26,000km in one week – from Pretoria in South Africa to Tripoli in Libya, via West Africa! We’ll visit 22 cities and cross 32 countries!

All of our Sanctuary Runners will be doing their bit but for this challenge we need help. So if you can contribute some kilometres during the week of Monday, February 8th to Sunday, February 14th we’d love for you to join us and bask in some virtual African sunshine!

We’re doing this to celebrate African culture, people, music and beauty and in keeping with our core principles of Solidarity, Friendship and Respect. Also this is an official event for #Douglassweek 2021. To join us (and its all free) please email: Runthroughafrica@gmail.com and we’ll get you going!





The Sanctuary Runners enable Irish residents to run alongside, and in solidarity with, asylum seekers and refugees in Direct Provision thereby fostering friendship, positivity and respect while bringing greater awareness to the migration system. A non-profit, and multi-award-winning movement we use running to build sustainable bridges between communities and to show that we are all equal.

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