Introducing Sanctuary Runners Official Membership in 2024. SIGN UP BELOW! 

We have always had wonderful ‘members’; those who run or walk with a group, who help organise our groups, who join us at events and wear the Sanctuary Runners’ t-shirt.

Now for the first time, you can sign up officially for your FREE membership and get a digital membership card for your smartphone wallet or pass app. Membership is for adults-only (aged 18 and older).

By becoming a Sanctuary Runner member, you agree to abide by our Code of Conduct (click here to read) and our Photography and Videography Policy (click here to read – not ready yet).

Click here to register as a member


Membership FAQs:

Why are you introducing membership now? Having membership data is important for us to track our impact and to communicate with you, our members.

Do I need to renew my membership? How can I cancel? Membership is lifetime membership, but of course you may cancel your membership anytime. We may periodically ask you to confirm or remind you that you can cancel your membership to keep our membership database current. 

How can I access or edit my membership information? To access or edit your membership data after you have signed up, search your emails for ‘Sanctuary Runners’ or ‘joinit’ or go to this link: 

How do you communicate with members? We will email members periodically using the membership software. You may also be separately signed up for our email newsletter. You can unsubscribe from either mailing list. Our local groups communicate on a more regular basis using WhatApp group. So for local group members, we also ask for your phone number (the one you use on whatsapp) to help your group lead identify the members on our official membership list against the information they have on whatsapp.

What are the two membership types? We have two membership types. The ‘local group’ membership type is for people who have a local Sanctuary Runners group that they run with (e.g. Termonfeckin Sanctuary Runners).. The ‘supporter’ member is for anyone who runs in our t-shirt, joins us at special events, supports our values and community integration approach and would like to be a member and to stay in touch.

Why are there different membership types? We have set up different membership types as we have additional questions for those who are part of a local group – e.g. what local group they joined or joining and whether they consent to being part of the local WhatsApp group.

Can I switch membership types? If you need to switch membership types, we can do this for you. You can also cancel one membership and sign up to another membership type if you prefer.

Can I change my Sanctuary Runner group to another location? If you move location you can change your membership to your new group. To access or edit your membership data after you have signed up, search your emails for ‘Sanctuary Runners’ or ‘joinit’ or go to this link: However, you need to ask your local group organisers about signing up to the whatsapp group in your new location to get up to date information on meeting up with that group.

Is membership free? Will you ever charge for membership? Membership is free and we plan to always offer free membership. We value our members’ participation more than anything else. We may in future give people the option to pay for membership if they want to contribute to the running of the organisation or cover the cost of their t-shirt etc.

How do you use my information? We will use your information to contact you about your membership, about Sanctuary Runner updates and about events happening in your local area and beyond. We may also send your information to your local group leads. You can read our full privacy policy here. We will use aggregate, anonymous information about the numbers of our members, gender, age and location breakdowns for research, reporting and funding applications.

If you have any questions please contact us at: