6 years of Sanctuary Runners – Edel’s Story

I heard about Sanctuary Runners, when my friend, Anna brought a group to Fairview Park in Summer 2022 and as I was saying hello to Anna, Noel approached me and handed me a t-shirt – that was it, I was in! I joined on the spot in Summer 2022. 

It’s the best thing I ever did, apart from becoming a mother! Being a part of Sanctuary Runners combines my love of running with my love of meeting new people. It has brought fantastic meaning to my life and I hope to always be a part of this wonderful community.

Through Sanctuary Runners I’ve met so many people from other countries. I’d say it’s impossible to list the countries at this stage but Zimbabwe, South Africa, Bolivia, Nigeria, Algeria, Ghana and Togo are the ones that spring to mind. Not only do you meet friends from different countries, you get to experience a little bit of their culture, their language and more importantly, their way of life and different perspectives and this is really enriching and powerful. I also love sharing knowledge and phrases from Irish culture. It’s a win-win! 

Becoming a Sanctuary Runner has broadened my view of the world and has given me a wonderful reason to keep running, especially on days when I’d easily find an excuse not to! 

 For anyone thinking of joining up I’d say just do it! You will not regret joining Sanctuary Runners. It’s honestly the best running group around…..and we often have cake, coffee, super cool road trips….not to mention the absolute best time at the Dublin and Cork marathons when we show up for each other and every other participant.