6 years of Sanctuary Runners – Anwar’s Story

I arrived in Ireland on 31st December 2022 at 23:30. It was a very beautiful night. I was starting a new year in a new country. I am so happy that I started the year 2023 in Ireland.

I heard about Sanctuary Runners from a friend Maureen in February 2023.  Two days later, I raced for the first time in my life – a 5k in a time of 00.27.46. I enjoyed that day and when I saw my picture on Sanctuary Runners’ Facebook page I liked it so much. 

There are many benefits to being a member of the community. I feel more secure and I know I have other people who share the same goals and care. For example – a sense of belonging, social interaction, and our shared goals. 

My favourite part about being a Sanctuary Runner is that it’s not just for runners, it’s for everyone. Sharing goals and joy in all areas, sharing information and pictures, all of this brings me something very beautiful. I got to know people of different nationalities, which is a beautiful thing.

The impact has been hugely positive on my life in many physical, mental, and social aspects such as physical health, social and communication and boosting self-confidence. I joined the local club, Drogheda & District AC, and I love to train with them and run together in races. I am one of the group leads in the Sanctuary Runners’ group and help with organising the group and runs and help other Sanctuary Runners by translating messages and invitations into Arabic.

It is beautiful to be part of a group where there is sport, fun, and positive energy. Be a member of a beautiful world – Sanctuary Runners!