Sanctuary Runners to hold a national ‘Run For Gaza’ amid humanitarian crisis

  • To show solidarity with the people of Gaza – and call for a ceasefire
  • Initiative seeks people to take part anywhere, over any distance and at any time on Saturday, November 25th
  • Donations requested for the Irish Red Cross Appeal for the Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

Sanctuary Runners, a solidarity-through-sport initiative, will coordinate a ‘Run For Gaza’ on Saturday, November 25th, across Ireland and the world – showing solidarity with the displaced people of Gaza and those currently held hostage in the territory and raising funds for the humanitarian relief effort.

A virtual run, the initiative asks people to run, jog or walk any distance, anywhere, at anytime on Saturday November 25th and post a message or image of support to social media using the hashtag #RunForGaza.

Also they are asked, if they can, to make a donation to the Irish Red Cross Appeal for the Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza – Sanctuary Runners Fundraiser Supporting the IRC Urgent Appeal for the Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza | Irish Red Cross (Powered by Donorbox)

Many Sanctuary Runners groups across the country will take part together, as well as other groups, clubs and organisations keen to show solidarity with the people of Gaza. To call for a ceasefire and an end to the loss of life in the Palestinian territories and to ensure that all hostages taken from Israel on October 7th are released safely and quickly to their families.

To echo the calls of the United Nations Secretary General António Guterres who said: “To ease epic suffering in Gaza, make the delivery of aid easier and safer and facilitate the release of hostages, I reiterate my appeal for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.”

Graham Clifford, CEO and Founder of the Sanctuary Runners said: “Many people feel helpless as the horrific scenes of death and destruction in Gaza play out on our television screens. We have Palestinian friends and members in Sanctuary Runners and we want to show our solidarity with them and all impacted.”

He added: “We are also very conscious of the huge number of people displaced in Gaza – many of whom are likely to become international refugees having already been refugees within their own territory. Homes, hospitals, vital services destroyed. Sanctuary Runners was established to show solidarity, friendship and respect to, and with, people fleeing war, conflict, poverty and climate change – this run, while a small gesture, will allow people the opportunity to display that solidarity one step at a time.”

Sanctuary Runners invite any groups, organisations or sporting bodies which wish to participate in the Run For Gaza to contact us at so we can include your logo on our wall of partners for this event.

For more information on the ‘Run For Gaza’ just visit

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