Members & Participants’ Code of Conduct 

Version 1.2 Updated May 2024

The Sanctuary Runners community should provide a positive, respectful and inclusive experience for everyone. Sanctuary Runners is committed to providing a friendly, supportive, safe, genuine, and welcoming environment for all participants and expects everyone to treat each other with respect and courtesy. 

Sanctuary Runners Aim: The core aim of the Sanctuary Runners is to bring local residents and people from a migrant background together to build friendships and better understanding, through the action of running, jogging or walking side-by-side.

Sanctuary Runners Belief: At the Sanctuary Runners everyone is equal, and participants’ actions and conduct should reflect this. Sanctuary Runners is focused primarily on solidarity rather than charity – and we are apolitical. We are not a campaign group and our focus is on running/jogging/walking together.

The following Code of Conduct outlines our expectations for members’ behaviour:

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every member of the Sanctuary Runners.
  • Treat everyone equally and with respect, regardless of age, ability, ethnicity, gender, race, religious belief, sexuality or social/economic status.
  • Refrain from acts of intimidation, violence, harassment and physical or verbal abuse and promote a safe sport environment 
  • Be responsible in opposing discriminatory behaviour and promote equality of opportunity.
  • Refrain from behaving or acting in any way that infringes the rules of any sporting event at which you are participating as a Sanctuary Runner and from behaving in a way that seeks to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Comply with the Sanctuary Runners’ safeguarding policies and procedures. This includes our child supervision policy as set out below:
        • Sanctuary Runners is a running and walking and sports group for adults. Children are welcome to attend Sanctuary Runner events, but must be accompanied to the event by a parent, guardian or responsible adult of the parents’ choosing. 
        • If you bring a child to a Sanctuary Runners event, you are responsible for the wellbeing and care of the child. SR volunteers have no responsibility for children brought to events by other members. Children must be under the care and supervision of their parent, guardian responsible adult for the duration of the event.
        • All children, under the age of 18,  whether walking, jogging or running, or waiting for a parent/guardian who is walking, jogging or running, must be within sight of or arm’s reach of their parent, guardian or responsible adult of the parents’ choosing at all times. 
        • Where children are attending a third-party event with an adult Sanctuary Runner who is attending as a member of Sanctuary Runners, the rules of that third-party event should be complied with (e.g. under parkrun rules children of a certain age can run or walk a course by themselves).  
  • Do not use the Sanctuary Runners for the purpose of recruitment to a political/religious/campaign group or for the purpose of controlling/monitoring local migrants.
  • Do not use the group network, including WhatsApp groups, to sell or promote  individual causes.
  • Do not use the Sanctuary Runners, or photos of the Sanctuary Runners, for personal or political gain.
  • Comply with the Sanctuary Runners’ Photography and Video Policy (link here), including that you should not take videos or photographs of children or vulnerable adults without first seeking permission of a parent or guardian.
  • Online and social media values should be consistent with those of the Sanctuary Runners. 
  • Do not post indecent, offensive, discriminatory or defamatory content online.
  • Be clear when you are speaking for yourself and not on behalf of the Sanctuary Runners. 
  • Ensure you follow directions from the Group Lead at your weekly run or walk.
  • Any incidents of misconduct should be reported to the Group Lead. 

Breach of the Code

If the Group Lead or Development Officer has any concerns about your conduct as a member of Sanctuary Runners or a breach of this code, they will make a report to a Sanctuary Runners staff member and the Disciplinary Policy will apply.

Under that policy gross misconduct or breaches or the continuation of any inappropriate behaviour or breach of this code will result in you being asked to leave Sanctuary Runners. 

Group leads and volunteers are also members of Sanctuary Runners and subject to this Code of Conduct and the Disciplinary Policy. Concerns about the behaviour of Group Leads or volunteers can be reported to any Development Officer or the Ireland Lead.