Join us at the Great Limerick Run in April!

  • Solidarity-through-sport initiative ongoing in Limerick city since 2019 
  • Over 200 walkers/ joggers and runners have donned the iconic blue top in Limerick
  • Join them by signing up to walk or run in Regeneron Great Limerick Run as a Sanctuary Runner this April!
  • Using running, jogging and walking to bring all in the community together in positivity and respect 

Sanctuary Runners Limerick are calling on members old and new to sign up and take part in this year’s Regeneron Great Limerick Run, showcasing the welcome and friendship at the heart of Ireland’s Sporting Capital.  Focusing on solidarity, friendship and respect with all in the community including, and especially, asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants, the Sanctuary Runners this week call all those interested in walking/ jogging/ running the Regeneron Great Limerick Run to join the #bluewave and wear a Sanctuary Runners t-shirt while participating in the event. Participants don’t have to fundraise, just simply join the Sanctuary Runners team by getting your blue t-shirt and wearing it on the day.


Sanctuary Runners founder and CEO Graham Clifford:  “The Great Limerick Run is a wonderful experience for all participants and the support from the streets is a huge boost to runners and walkers as they make their way around the course. Sanctuary Runners are delighted to be part of the event again this year, as our goal of solidarity through sport really chimes with Limerick’s reputation as a place where sport is for everyone to participate in and enjoy.”

Limerick has been a long-time supporter of the award-winning solidarity-through-sport initiative, founded in Cork in 2018. Since then, members from across the city and county have come together locally, as well as at parkruns and events across the country to get outdoors and exercise together, building friendships and connections among the group. 

With the recent appointment of Limerick based Jennifer O’Brien as the Regional Development Officer for the Midwest, Sanctuary Runners are building on the excellent work of participants across the region over recent years and look forward to growing in Limerick and beyond.

Jennifer O’Brien, Regional Development Officer Midwest : “Limerick has always been a city that opens its arms through sport, and Sanctuary Runners offers all of us an amazing opportunity to show our solidarity by going for a run or walk with one of the local groups. We all recognise the benefits of exercise, and with Sanctuary Runners our efforts make impact beyond just ourselves; our friendship and respect extends to others across communities when we do these activities in our blue Sanctuary Runners tshirt with one of the local groups. It’s a small action with a big impact and I’m looking forward to working with all the members, volunteers and supporters across the midwest.”.

Midwest Sanctuary Runners.
Pic: Don Moloney

Locals as well as those new to the area, including those from Ukraine, are welcome to join the group for the Great Limerick Run on April 30th and can get some extra km under their belts by joining one of our weekly runs. The group meet at St Michael’s Boat Club at 6.30 pm on Monday evenings, as well as participating in weekly parkruns in UL on Saturday morning at 9.30 am.  

Anyone interested in joining Sanctuary Runners for the Great Limerick Run can email / for more information and find out how to get your t-shirt, You can also contact Regional Development Officer Jennifer O’Brien: / 087 6993228.

Jennifer O’Brien, Regional Development Officer-Midwest, Sanctuary Runners.
Pic: Don Moloney




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