We made it to the President of Ireland!

Thanks to all the wonderful Sanctuary Runners, we delivered a special gift and a message of solidarity and respect to President Michael D. Higgins at the end of our Christmas Quest. 

Ireland’s fastest man, Israel Olatunde, handed the magical shoes and a Sanctuary Runner t-shirt for Sabina to our very special delivery team Liyu, May, Makar and Shadi

We captured what happened next and it was just gorgeous. Click below to watch!


President Higgins was so happy to see the Sanctuary Runners as he always is and congratulated us on our work! The President received our message of solidarity, friendship and respect with a special welcome.



Well that’s the end of the journey my dear friends. Santa says thank you. Mrs. Claus says to keep up the running and walking as you never know when you might be called upon next!

Sanctuary Runners everywhere,  thank you for your goodwill, your photos and your friendship. A special thanks also to our Irish athletes Rhasidat Adeleke, David Gillick, Israel Olatunde and Claire Lambe for their generosity and support.

Stay warm and safe this Christmas and we will make a special wish for respect and a warm welcome for all our Sanctuary Runners in 2023 .

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