The Sanctuary Runner Impact Study 2020: Running as One in Solidarity and Respect

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Today, Thursday, October 15th, we launch our very first Impact Study. 

For the first time we were able to ask members both in Direct Provision and wider Irish society if, and how, being part of this positive movement has impacted their lives.
Some of the findings took our breath away – namely:
  * 85 % of respondents who are in Direct Provision say the initiative has helped them feel welcome in Ireland
*  74% of ‘Irish’ members had never spoken to a Direct Provision resident before joining the Sanctuary Runners
*  52% of Irish Sanctuary Runners did not know where the nearest Direct Provision centre was located before joining.
*  81% of Irish respondents said they have forged friendships with Direct Provision residents through the Sanctuary Runners.
*  61% of members within Direct Provision felt the Sanctuary Runners had improved their fitness levels and again 61% felt their mental health had improved as a result of membership
* 42 % of Sanctuary Runners currently in the Direct Provision system had never run before
“For the first time in nearly three years we’ve had time to catch our breath and analyse the impact of this movement and of sport as a tool for social inclusion. The findings are overwhelming and tell us a few things, first that running and walking together can have a massive impact on social inclusion across all in society and that we must do things ‘with’ rather than ‘for’ people to make a long lasting sustainable impact based on mutual respect.
It also tells us that not enough initiatives like this exist in Ireland, initiatives that literally bring people together. And it tells us that Ireland is full of sound, decent, caring and justice-orientated people who, given the chance, will do what they can to share solidarity, friendship and respect with others,” said Graham Clifford, Founder of the Sanctuary Runners.

Sanctuary Runners Impact Study 2020


  1. Well done Graham- lots of positive impact there.

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